Do not stop the music with the launch of Rhythm Paradise Megamix trailer

Among all the major releases that have occurred this week we can not forget the users of Nintendo 3DS because they can be made with ‘Rhythm Paradise Megamix‘. The next installment in this series of humor-laden music titles comes ready to put to the test more than ever the sense of rhythm of the players.

Among the more than hundred of mini-games that will include we find some completely new, but above all the game is characterized by including as many of the ‘Rhythm Paradise’ published on Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and Wii.

As we can see in their launch trailer mechanics is really simple, because there is only you to press the buttons or the touchscreen at the right time, so how much better do better score will obtain. In addition, the soundtrack can swap between the original Japanese or European Spanish.

Among other innovations has the title there will be a multiplayer for four people, being able to use one card to do so, or also the possibility to challenge someone that we crossed with built-in StreetPass feature. Certainly fans of music games have an appointment more than secured from today with ‘Rhythm Paradise Megamix’.

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So is the Nintendo Switch: the system that will define the future of Nintendo

The 17 of March 2015 Nintendo announced officially that he was developing its next console. Responsible for doing so was the own Satoru Iwata and the motive was to contrast the another big step in the company: Mario and company would come to mobile phones. Iwata wanted to send an unequivocal message: the future of the big N would remain linked to the consoles.

Since then, Nintendo has succeeded where Microsoft and Sony failed, getting not only raise all sorts of speculations around your project, but avoiding any type of filtration. The reason? They did not want other companies to copy them the concept, and seen how is the picture not lacked reasons. Now know what brought between hands… and never better said!

Let us start with the basics: your name is Nintendo Switch and is 100% portable and 100% desktop. The secret? the console is basically a screen resembling a sight that can connect two accessories that will make controls called Joy-withcontrols, but which, in turn, can connect to the TV through a dock and a tablet. In any case we will have play in high resolution.


Once again, Nintendo will give you the absolute prominence to the control system, and on this occasion will be able play with the Joy-with emulating a traditional remote control via an adapter when the console is connected to the TV or bet on a remote control pro as it already did with the two Wii. Curiously, both the remote control pro and the disposition of the Joy – with us you will remember at the disposal of the Xbox One Controller.


Play whatever you want and where you want

As we said, the idea is that the console is completely portable and that does not obstruct offer a quality desktop experience. But will also offer alternatives of play that had not arisen so far: the Nintendo Switch design allows outdoor local multiplayer, allowing each of the players use one of the Joy-with as a command complete.

In fact, the console will offer play among more users of completely original modes, and that without taking into account the possibilities offered by having two Nintendo Switch front. Its design is efficient, innovative and full of possibilities. Now exploit them!


In addition the experience for a player this highly polished: we can lead our departure with us at any time and even use the console as a screen to emulate a control of desktop anywhere. No downtime between travel! We will play to ‘Zelda’ or ‘Super Mario’ where we want and when we want one system.


Now touch speak of other confirmed data: Nintendo Switch will use cartridges, or rather mini-cartuchos. The system is very similar to the the Nintendo 3DS with the difference that in this case are protected by some sort of tab as it is the case with SD cards of mobile phones. That translates into better load times, although in practice we will not have to worry about scratching the discs between trip and trip.


While Nintendo consoles can boast of exclusives thanks to own licenses, now plays talk about Third Parties, and for now the major brands return to Nintendo: Bethesda, EA, Capcom, SEGA, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Bandai Namco, Activision, Epic Games, Koei tecmo, Konami and many more are uploaded to Nintendo Switch truck.


What we already know, and what we have to know

Now let’s talk about things more pragmatic: Nintendo Switch will be available in March 2017 and one of its launch games will be ‘ The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild’. And in the absence of a direct impressions you won’t have absolutely nothing to envy to the version of Wii U.

During the trailer we’ve seen concrete scenes of what appears to be the next game in the series ‘Mario’ and definitely not you can point better combining features of ‘ Super Mario galaxy’ and ‘Super Mario 64’ and we have even seen how ‘Splatoon’ had a special role: are these colorful squid the gateway of Nintendo Switch to eSports?


But many doubts us remain in the pipeline: what will be its starting price? What are its technical characteristics and autonomy? What is the limit of storage of these cartridges? What type of internet connection will need when we play away from home? Nintendo promised an advancement and have brought us a huge surprise. One that confirms why the big N is still the true benchmark in the gaming industry.

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Damn FORMER Castilla: demonic purge of Don Ramiro in Steam begins October 20

The creative Malaga Locomalito is all a reference international within the Indie Made In Spain thanks to games as ‘ damn Castilla’, able of offer challenges with a very careful aesthetic retro although betting by a fun and entertainment completely timeless.

And if thanks to the phenomenal adaptation study Abylight saw recently the exploits of Don Ramiro in Xbox One improved and added several surprises, Valve platform will be the next King Tolomera pixelated version: ‘ damn Castilla EX’ will be available starting on October 20 in Steam.

Ss Eb63842386741c75a9ea2d026664dea1e22ee375 1920x1080

Damn Castilla ex we enfundamos us the armor of the knight Don Ramiro to expel the evil that has invaded the Kingdom of Tolomera. Locomalito game we find mouras, ojancanos, nuberus and terrible: our folklore creatures that populate the Spanish and European legends as well as the novels of chivalry as Amadis of Gaul.

As could see in your time, ‘ damn Castilla EX’ offers all them content of the original with improvements of interface and audio, adding new themes musical and achievements to the equation and phases additional that us will remember to large milestones of them recreational, besides added specific as medals, cromos and funds of profile of user designed specifically for Steam , preserving its marked aesthetic though and can enjoy it through eight filters different.

In fact in Kotaku we completed it live… but with the bad end

19 bosses, more than 50 types of enemies, 4 different endings and a real opportunity to revive the essence of the arcades of two or three decades ago. It hopes that the next exploits of Don Ramiro take him into territory PlayStation this year with the adaptation of ‘Damn Castilla EX’ for PS4. The King Alfonso VI of León need us once again!

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Live HTC are already available in our stores through GAME

While this 2016 has become the year of Virtual reality, there have definitely been to wait until October to have all the alternatives of this format. However there still remained a last barrier to overcome: provide users with the purchase of these devices.

In fact, and since last week, is easy to find PS VR in the stores, taking into account in addition to Sony it is intensifying its distribution. However, will not be the only alternative to bet on making the leap to retailers and is that from today we will also go to buy the HTC lives in more than 260 points of sale and at the GAME shop.

Live HTC are the proposal of virtual reality supported by Valve for PC, offering an experience with total mobility ‘room scale’, with more than 400 games currently available on SteamVR. Until now was possible make is with this device through the web official although has been through an agreement of distribution with the chain GAME that is has confirmed that incorporates the HTC lives to its portfolio of products.

In GAME understand the reality virtual as an of the technologies more innovative and with greater future. For this reason we decided to bet on join our catalogue HTC live virtual reality system, being pioneers in reaching an agreement for distribution in Spain.

The bundle of HTC live includes two wireless controllers and a HMD with camera built for €919,95 – and 9200 points if we are partners with GAME. As data to take into account, the price per ordered them online is €964,21 and in both cases we will have the opportunity to try the experience with three titles: ‘ Tilt Brush’, ‘ Zombie Training Simulator’ and ‘ The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed’.

Ss 76d214487dc9cb6ae37aac7d8e3153f3f2720f8f

Whether you prefer to bet on your retailer’s confidence as if you want to save some time and money to make the leap with the stake of Steam in this new format, this is a great opportunity to do so. That Yes, it is that first to check if your computer is prepared for the virtual reality.

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This is all what it Retro-Bit Generations ago best that the Mini NES

That the Mini NES will be one of the quintessential Christmas gifts is something that we do not put in doubt. However, Nintendo could have is wet more with that console. Its nature is closed and its catalog of games, although there is much jewel there, is limited. But as part of collecting it is bestial.

Also, with that model in miniature of the mythical console of 8 bits of Nintendo, it great N opens the veda to a rather than likely review of other consoles, as the Super Nintendo or the Nintendo 64. And what has succeeded, in turn, is all this nostalgia will come alive giving more visibility to machines that want to us to make things easier when it comes to remembering old games.

As will happen also with the Retro-Bit Generations, that coincidentally will come a day before the Mini NES in United States (the 10 of November, in concrete). A console that we had already seen last August, with its main features and games to detail. It is, of course, from the creators of the Super Retro Trio, among other consoles “all in one” as the RetroDuo.

Comparisons with the Mini NES are unavoidable. So, let’s start!

30 the Mini NES against more than 90 games games

141016 Retrobit 01

While in a first time is said that the Retro-Bit Generations would count with more than 100 games pre-installed, finally the list is has closed in “as only” 92 games. Although logically, to be so many, there are also fish.

The Mini NES can boast, that Yes, having a more compact and homogenous, with timeless classics list. But at least with the Retro-Bit Generations we are not facing a case as bloody as the of the SEGA Mega Drive Classic Game Console, where half were plays or had gone out on the Mega Drive.

Here the list of games of the Retro-Bit Generations in full:

  • 1942
  • 1943
  • 2048
  • 10-Yard Fight
  • Aguna
  • Apocalypse II
  • Argus
  • AstroHawk
  • Astyanax (Lord of King)
  • Avenging Spirit
  • Banishing Racer
  • Bases Loaded
  • Bashi Bazook: Morphoid Masher
  • Battle Squadron
  • Battle Unit Zeoth
  • Big Run
  • Bionic Commando
  • The Black Mass
  • The Blue Marlin
  • Brawl Brothers
  • Broken Circle
  • Captain Commando
  • City Connection
  • Commando
  • Corn Buster
  • Creepy Bird
  • Escape From Atlantis
  • ExedExes
  • Exerion
  • Field Combat
  • Forgotten Worlds
  • Formation Z
  • Fortified Zone
  • Fortified Zone 2
  • Free Fall
  • Ghouls’n Ghosts
  • Gun Smoke
  • Hammerin’ ‘ Harry
  • Hero Pinball Party
  • Higemaru
  • Holy Diver
  • Hoops
  • The Ignition Factor
  • Image Fight
  • Jim Power
  • Kickle Cubicle
  • Kid Niki 2
  • Kid Niki Radical Ninja
  • Knights of the Round
  • Kung-Fu Master 2
  • LAN Master
  • Lawn Mower
  • Legend E
  • Major Golf Title
  • Maru completo Mission
  • MazezaM
  • Mercs
  • Mr. Bloopy
  • Night Defender
  • Night Defender 2
  • Ninja JaJaMaru (Ninja Kid)
  • Ninja JaJaMaru no Daibouken
  • Onslaught
  • Operation Logic Bomb
  • Pinball Quest
  • Questforge
  • Ring King
  • Rockfall
  • Rocky Rodent
  • Rod Land (Game Boy)
  • Rod Land (NES)
  • R-Type 3
  • Rushing Beat Shura
  • Skip and Friends
  • Smart Mouse
  • Soldam
  • SonSon
  • Sumo Slam
  • Super 3D Noah’s Ark
  • Super Bases Loaded 3
  • Super Earth Defense Force
  • Super Ghouls’n Ghosts
  • Super R-Type
  • Sword of Sodan
  • Thor completo Quest
  • Totally Rad
  • Varth: Operation Thunderstorm
  • Water Margin
  • Yang Warrior Family
  • Zippy Race
  • Zooming Secretaries

It comes with two controls series and six buttons

141016 Retrobit 02

The Mini NES is accompanied by a remote control, while the console will have two serial ports. If you want a second hand, you will have to buy it separately. And Wii or Wii U commands will not be compatible, eye.

The Retro-Bit Generations, on the other hand, comes with two USB controllers of six buttons, with styling strongly reminiscent of the Mega Drive.

We can carry our games on an SD card

141016 Retrobit 03

Another big difference from the Mini NES comes from part of the SD card slot, thanks to which we can carry our games from one side to another. If you give the possibility of running into us with a colleague with the same console. Now, the SD card is not included. We will have to buy it separately.

And it won’t be the only difference with the Nintendo console, since not only it will be with a HDMI output, but also with classical AV.

Should be noted, moreover, that both the Mini NES and the Generations Retro-Bit will be the same in the United States: $59.99. But beyond that one bring two controls, slot for SD card and AV output elders, to the end that matter are the games. We have said to be 92 front 30 of the Mini NES, but how many of them are worth? We review some very striking.

Avenging Spirit (Jaleco, 1991)

‘ Avenging Spirit’ is one of the most memorable rarities from Jaleco, especially in Game Boy and NES. His legacy is recalled in the recent ‘Headlander’.

Bionic Commando (Capcom, 1987)

‘ Bionic Commando’ needs no introduction. One of the most difficult times, especially for the novelty supposed Bionic hook arcades .

Brawl Brothers (Jaleco, 1992)

Jaleco joined fever ‘Final Fight’ with ‘ Brawl Brothers’ on SNES.

Captain Commando (Capcom, 1991)

Although no one as Capcom at the time of make beat’em ups. And that ‘ Captain Commando’ not was among the best. But still being very mythical.

Ghouls’n Ghosts (Capcom, 1988)

An of the recreational by excellence. ‘ Ghouls’n Ghosts’ no can miss ever!

Hammerin’ ‘ Harry (Irem, 1990)

‘ Hammerin’ ‘Harry’ is one of the platforms most remembered of the NES.

Knights of the Round (Capcom, 1992)

The Knights of the round table had his beat’em up in charge of Capcom. And a slightly similar to the classic ‘ The King of Dragons’touch. Large both.

MERCS (Capcom, 1990)

The heirs of the ‘Commando’ and ‘Gun Smoke’ formula (also included in the Retro-Bit Generations) is the mythical ‘MERCS’. Not in vain, it is indeed the sequel to ‘Commando’, also known as ‘ Senjō no Ōkami II’ or ‘Wolf of the Battlefield II’. Action pure and hard to enjoy in the company.

Super R-Type (Irem, 1991 […])

Is possible play to Overwatch using bananas? The answer is Yes

It is not the first time we spoke of the streamer Rudeismat Kotaku. His form of play to them video games you has made be someone very known in Twitch to the employ elements really strange to play to certain titles that require the use of a remote control of control or a keyboard and mouse.

We saw him in action for example in ‘World of Warcraft‘ using two dance mats or going ‘Dark Souls III‘ with a single, as well as completing ‘Rocket League‘ or ‘Portal’ with a ‘Guitar Hero‘ guitar. Has now returned to the fray with ‘Overwatch‘, replacing the keyboard and mouse by… bananas!

In relaying we leave accompanying the news you can see as Rudeism uses a dozen bananas for all this and it unfolds perfectly while choose Winston (as it could not be otherwise) to distribute shots. So curious is that in a principle wanted to use butter of peanut to play, but is gave has that not driving too well the electricity.

The form as has partitioned his peculiar system of control is the following: four for them keys WASD, four to simulate the mouse and the rest to shoot, jump, protect is and perform the attack special. The truth is that seeing things so we wonder, with what will surprise us coming soon?

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Better late than never: Scizor joins the panel of selectable Pokkén Tournament

While is currently focused on the development of ‘ Tekken 7’, Katsuhiro Harada and his team still kept a surprise for his proposed fight set in the universe of Nintendo Pocket Monsters, and now it’s official that Scizor will measure their skills in the ring ‘ Pokken Tournament’

The evolution of Scyther brings a very interesting combination of mobility and attacks at different distances thanks to its propulsion system and its catalogue of sharp projectiles. Of course the key to your system will be in its pointed tweezers, which deployed its maximum power to run its cash Burst Attack.

This fighter is an addition that not only works great way of facing the grill of characters that it will offer one of the Pokemon offering more game with respect to the system of ‘Pokkén Tournament’ game cannot be denied.

So far, as of October 20 Scizor will join Pikachu, Charizard and Lucario, MewTwo, although their presence is only confirmed for the recreational Japanese. Will we see this intrepid insect of metal versions of ‘Pokkén Tournament’ for Wii U? That is more than likely.

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The King and the Kaudillo will be the second downloadable content of Total War: Warhammer

Sega and The Creative Assembly have released details of the innovations that will bring ‘the King and the Kaudillo‘ which will be the second downloadable content of ‘Total War: Warhammer‘ of the published so far. The Dwarves and the Green skins will be the main protagonists with new characters, more units that make their debut or new battle maps.

The leaders of both armies, Belegar hammer iron and Sharsnik, will fight to the death in order to gain control of Karak-Eight-peaks and proclaim himself undisputed Lord of this area. Each one of these legendary Lords will have new adventures, magical objects and pictures of skill chains.

The DLC also introduces two new types of gentlemen: the Lord of the runes and the night Goblin Kaudillo. He first will be a expert in the arts Rune capable of strengthen to their units friends and attack to them adversaries, while the second will boost to them Goblins, Goblins night and Garrapatos giving them of attacks poisoned.

On the other hand, there will be a new and exclusive range of buildings, whose benefits will depend on the faction which capture Karak-Eight-peaks, if the Angrund clan or tribe of the Moon Torzida. We invite you to click on the following link if you wish to consult the list full of innovations that brings this new downloadable content.

Total War Warhammer El Rey Y El Kaudillo Dlc 02

Users of ‘ Total War: Warhammer’ may be made with the DLC ‘The King and the Kaudillo’ from 20 October 7,49 Euro, although those who buy before that day will receive a discount of 10%, so its price will stay at 6.74 euros.

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South Park: Rearguard in danger will be located entirely in Spanish

If there is something that stands out in the series of ‘South Park’, between various aspects, it is his dubbing, with voices that is easy to find out that character belong just to listen to them. The good news is that Ubisoft has announced that ‘South Park: Retaguardian endangered‘ will be completely localized into Spanish.

This measure intends that the players get more fully in the game to hear the voices of always of their favorite characters, with their language and characteristic humor. In fact, to be as faithful as possible Ubisoft San Francisco team has worked directly with the voice actors from different European countries to give the necessary directions.

Among other languages that will be folded can select the original in English, American, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Latin or Brazilian, with their respective subtitles, so that each one choose the voices that you like.

‘ South Park: rearguard in danger ‘ was going to arrive the next December, but recently Ubisoft decided to postpone its release until the coming year. If you intend to pick up the game and you book it in advance in any of its versions, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC, you will receive in return and completely free a digital copy of ‘ South Park: La Vara of the truth ‘.

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