Play live to Steep to the 18 h (the 11 h in city of Mexico)

After several days with the game, we have now launched our analysis of ‘Steep’, the game Ubisoft to let winter enjoying the snow under the warmth of the heating in our House. To round out our impressions, we have prepared a live session that you can see here.

Accompany us while we play with our retransmission live through our channel of Twitch starting from them 18:00 h, time of Spain (them 11:00 h in city of Mexico). We will do a while the goat and I will teach you what awaits you in this winter sports game if you fancy them to give him a chance.

Watch video live at

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy already has price official: 39.99 USD

‘ WipEout’, ‘ Parappa The Rapper’, even ‘ Final fantasy VII’. An interesting selection of games of the PlayStation original will return along the next year premiering or improving its appearance and the first adventures of Crash Bandicoot will be an of them proposed more attractive of this initiative.

He charismatic marsupial premiere look but will retain the experience full of their skills platformer of the PSOne and by split triple in ‘ Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy’, a bet on safe whose maximum active will be the nostalgia and the fun, and not necessarily in that order. But, to what price? Make us with three deliveries will cost us almost $40.

The trilogy improved from ‘ Crash’ already can book is and acquire is in the store American of PlayStation Network by 39.99 dollars.

That Yes, don’t expect that currency exchange will affect your price on the old continent, with what if we sometimes bundle in three price we would be almost 14 euros each game. Now well, the book of the title includes a theme exclusive to the console. May not be much but each detail counts.


Developed by Vicarious Visions, ‘ Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy’ includes in a same pack ‘ Crash Bandicoot’, ‘ Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back’ and ‘ Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped’, although of time it only reference to his date of departure is that will be available in PS4 along 2017. The life gives many turns, but it’s Crash is a case apart.

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Analysis of Dead Rising 4: Frank West makes the story of his life, but is left on the doorstep of the Pulitzer

‘ Dead Rising’ developed, on its own merits, in cult in Xbox 360 game. Capcom US surprised with a full title (but the beast) zombies and with a great sense of humor. The sequel did not wait… and the rest is history.

‘ Dead Rising 3’ was, for its part, the flagship of the launch of Xbox One, and my favorite of the first batch. Microsoft it had been laid months before, on the occasion of the E3 2013, being all a surprise. And incidentally it is the same process that has been done with ‘ Dead Rising 4’, presented a few months ago in the E3 2016. Capcom Vancouver improve the formula will have time?

Before, please touch in background: ‘ Dead Rising 4’ represents the return of Frank West, (almost) absolute protagonist of the saga that he was born in 2006. In addition, it does returning to Willamette (Colorado), the fictional town where the first installment is set 16 years later. Except that this time it adheres not only to the Mall (very changed), but the entire people.

By the way, such and as they did with ‘ Dead Rising 3’, it has lost part of its essence, although on the other hand it has reinforced some of its best facets, resulting in a title that seems almost as a tribute to the whole saga.

Willamette and the social critique of Black Friday

051216 Dr4 01

Having been devastated and later reformed, Willamette could not have found better starting point than with the Black Friday promotion. Because the people behave like zombies with rebates.

You expect to find a shopping center that is identical to the game of 2006, will be a disappointment, because it has been redesigned completely. There are certain areas that vaguely resemble one, but generally it has opted for a more thematic centre where it is even a pirate ship. ‘ Dead Rising 4’ is that you can very well play letters of your environment to discover it little by little, without getting it to do heavy at any time be varied.

Nothing that see, for example, with the previous adventure of Nick Ramos, where the lost (California) kept certain homogeneity. There are more contrasts in Willamette, and that is appreciated, despite the fact that its extension is similar to that.

In addition, Capcom Vancouver has taken the difficult decision to confine the story to single player, leaving the cooperative multiplayer to four bands something decaffeinated and especially smaller spaces. But part is understandable, since here are going to bump us with more zombies in screen that in ‘ Dead Rising 3’, giving place to butchers of it more epic.

The changes to best of the control of Dead Rising 4

051216 Dr4 02

Returning to the first ‘Dead Rising’ a couple of months, taking advantage of its reissue on the occasion of the tenth anniversary, it was again how hard that was his control in certain actions. It is still a gem, is true, but with aspects that are could be polished. Something that is has been addressing in subsequent deliveries, being ‘ Dead Rising 4’ which more has been able to optimize the management of the inventory. Now each type of weapon (throwing, melee and fire) has direct access, which we access directly with a button.

This results in fights where not we’ll stay sold so easily because of having failed to change in time gun: now an electric axe without need to go to the inventory can be shooting a crossbow with explosive and immediately after use. Everything has been simplified.

Even food, which now has its own inventory slot and where no distinction is made between a drink or a medical kit. All cure alike, for all practical purposes, although we may enhance its effects improving Frank.

Here yes are PP (Prestige points) at the time of slaughter zombies, meet challenges or take important photographs, with which we will be gaining skill points to improve the four basic aspects of our favorite war reporter: fight, strength, shooting and survival. And eye, that the top of level not be 50, but rather 80. And with a total of 107 skills to unlock, some through the obtaining of manuals of training.

Certain inaccuracies with the jump where it limps control is not to seize it to some outgoing. Or clogging, without more, in one place. There are certain points of Willamette, for whatever, refuse you to Frank. It is something that can easily be remedied with a patch, but that for now mosque.

Okay, but what happened with psychopaths?

051216 Dr4 03

Apart from the total disappearance “almost” (narrowly) in the fight against the clock in the story, something that as a follower of the series since its inception I keeps crashing, but I see in a way understandable due to the dimensions of the new Willamette, what I was most disappointed in this new journey of Frank West is the most absolute of psychopaths disappearance.

Now they are manic and not have any charisma. There is no history behind, or presentation. Along for the adventure is will be giving us warnings of problem areas and it is then when we can deal with each of them (and their retinue… because it will always be accompanied). Not there is challenge or nor a use real of the thematic or of the fantastic universe designed by Capcom. Do not forget, for example, that with Nick Ramos us face to psychopaths that made reference to the seven sins capital. Here there will be a Papa Noel, a scarecrow, a cult… But that forget to them two minutes. Nothing to see with the clown of the chainsaws seen in 2006.

And that as regards history has won many whole, and not us strange know that Capcom wants to continue exploiting its saga while goes perfecting its script, each time with more turns. But dispense with of them psychopaths, or at least, of give them more prominence, is a decision that continue without understanding.

The exotrajes of Dead Rising 4, all a success

051216 Dr4 04

If them duels against them manic are of it more decaffeinated, at least the added of them exotrajes le brings a plus of fun to the saga to the not stay is merely in the empowerment of the force. Frank West can take some heavy objects in the environment (a recreational machine, a canon of a boat, etc) and completely change the characteristics of its exotraje (excluding arms).

To highlight, for example, which you gives the power of the ice, creating even a tornado icy that rock with all zombie to your step. The devastation takes on a new meaning with the exotraje. It wrong? That its use is temporary… unless repongamos his strength with more enhancers. But is a Vice.

Apart from see to a Frank West more unstoppable that never, also count with its facet of reporter of war. The camera already not will serve only for take photos with different degrees of brutality, comic or rises of tone, but also to investigate and resolve cases or discover rooms hidden, between other things. Thanks to them two filters of camera (one of vision night and another of Analyzer of spectrum) have all it needed to exit of the step.

And also for them situations comic, as already saw in multiple videos with Frank making is selfies in the middle of the zombies and putting grimaces. Finally and after this saga of Capcom has always had an important touch of comedy (already own Frank is because of their character, even though his face is it same with the new redesign that it has suffered). And needless to say is that the Osaka company has also managed to exploit its fanservice with nods to ‘ Street Fighter’ (the claw and Vega costume are the most!) and many more products from Capcom, as Sir Arthur, Rival Schools, Captain Commando and a long etcetera. At times will look like another ‘ Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + α’.

A co-op mode that fails to live up to

051216 Dr4 05

Taking into account the Suppression of co-op story mode, had some doubts about this way apart with other characters. And the truth is that does not comply with what was expected to be a more gelding mode with […]

NiOh: non stop action in the trailer for the PlayStation Experience [PSX 2016]

Pits, fire, demons e invocations that will offer a glimmer of light to those dark scenarios of the imminent project of the legendary Team Ninja: can that ‘ NiOh’ not is an adaptation of ‘ Dark Souls’ to the folklore Japanese, but not is can deny that is all a spiral of destruction, barbarism and fighting of high difficulty that will satisfy to them fans of the saga of From Software.

And nothing best that a new and spectacular trailer edited on the occasion of the PlayStation Experience to see all it earlier in movement, and of step boast its frantic gameplay, as well as of the very accomplished finished that is getting.

After a development that has led more than ten years and a plot devised by legendary filmmaker Akira Kurosawa, ‘NiOh’ will finally reach PlayStation 4 on Feb. 9. What happens when a game that recalls unequivocally to the saga ‘ Souls’ is developed by the Machiavellian minds behind ‘ Ninja gaiden’? Very soon you find out.

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Here you have eight minutes of gameplay of the new Uncharted: The Lost Legacy [PSX-2016]

The Conference of Sony with the PlayStation Experience 2016 which is taking place this weekend has started with a mysterious and spectacular gameplay that has proved to be of ‘ Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’.

Will be starred by Chloe Frazer (the saw for first time in ‘ Uncharted 2’) and Nadine Cross, which made its appearance stellar in ‘ Unchatred 4’. There goes the gameplay, that has a life of nothing more and nothing less that eight minutes:

Much stealth and a superb ambience House brand are its main features. As Naughty Dog has confirmed on his Twitter account, ‘ Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’ is a chapter with its own entity that can be played without having a copy of ‘Uncharted 4’.

Go pintaza has.

The sports ends in the snow of Steep dan start with its trailer of launch

Is about the winter and what best to give the Welcome to December with a game according to this time? That is what proposes Ubisoft after putting on sale today same ‘Steep‘, their game of extreme snow sports that will travel up to the Alps and its large mountains in a full open world.

On the occasion of its launch has posted a new trailer in which their creators us give his vision of the process that followed at the time of develop this title that is can acquire for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But of course the real protagonists are the players themselves, who will have to prove his courage and his skill in the snow with the challenges that are willing to deal with when they launch into the void.

Between them sports that is can select is the paragliding, downhill with a table of snowboard, ski or plan with a costume’s wings. However, while each one is it sufficiently different of the rest, along them next weeks and months will be coming more contained downloadable that introduced new sports, as for example the jump base or the descent the trinero.

A good way of download adrenaline and compete against other people of the world to make them best pirouettes and get the higher score in each descent vertiginous by these mountains snowy.

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Final Fantasy XV will include the President of Square Enix as a final boss and other news on a new DLC

Deserved a game as important as deserving of ‘Final Fantasy XV‘ which is it celebrated his arrival in a special way, what led to Square Enix has perform an event the day before its release. In it, he showed a special game demo called Mystery Disc, created specifically for the celebration and the relay which was held.

Demo Noctis had to face a younger Prompto version and also a guest surprise, which was neither more nor less than the footballer Yosuke Matsuda, President of Square Enix. The protagonist of this installment, so had to confront and defeat this virtual version of Matsuda in the form of final boss, as you can see below in the following video.

Apparently the idea struck so that a Hajime Tabata, director of play, said the Japanese media to Famitsu to this battle will be implemented later in the main by means of a new DLC adventure, without specify if it will be payment or not, but of course it will be a really curious live battle.

Tabata has tapped to announce also that before the end of the year it will be available for download the so-called Holiday Pack, which will bring a few interesting novelties. One of them will be the difficulty New Game Plus, as well as an option to limit the maximum level that can reach the characters.

Final Fantasy Xv Matsuda Boss

The good news is that this downloadable content in concrete that will be free for all, with the difference that those that have the ‘Final Fantasy XV’ season pass will receive an extra addition that will make cities in the game are based on the Christmas décor.

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All the details of the second pass of season of Rainbow Six: Siege

While Ubisoft announced that the new batch of downloadable content of ‘Rainbow Six: Siegewould not be available until 2017, was not until now that the company has revealed the contents of all the DLC that will access your new season pass from the coming year.

Its price will be 29.99 euros and now already is available in Xbox One or PlayStation 4, as users prefer. Those who already have the first season pass will be in Exchange for gift a total of 600 credits R6 and the fact of becoming VIP members. In addition, those who buy it before February 7, 2018 will also receive weapons Obsidian skins pack.

With this second season pass you may get eight new four new packs along agents, together with their respective customization accessories, uniforms, an amulet R6 R6 600 credits and carbon. As soon as be VIP will serve to access the content a week before the rest, having a 10% discount at the game store, 5% of recognition for unlock items and a couple of daily challenges.

In any case, remember that it shall not be required to pay for access to all the news of ‘ Rainbow Six: Siege’, since you can get for free in Exchange for credits which can be gained from playing competitive multiplayer action title from Ubisoft.

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Starting today, the Virtual reality of Ubisoft games will have game crossed between VR devices

While them 4 K you have minus prominence to the reality Virtual in his great year, Ubisoft maintains its bet by the format and responds playing a new e unexpected letter: from today same its line of games will join to them users of PlayStation VR, HTC lives and Oculus Rift allowing the game cross between devices VR.

The first games in addition to the initiative will be the own ‘ Eagle Flight’, a proposal that will allow us to sail to bird’s eye view – in the literal sense – number of air tours set in iconic locations. We can fly with any user regardless of your system, but the best thing is that this is just the beginning.

There are some titles especially prominent within the future supply of Ubisoft as ‘ Star Trek: Bridge Crew’ that allow us to adopt a role in the universe of Star Trek as a member of the bridge of one of the ships of the mythical saga. With the announcement of the cross-play can create a crew to the instant and without those players have that have of the same system of reality Virtual.

The announcement was made official recently and from the own blog of Ubisoft, although according to the words of David Votypka, creative director at Red Storm, the idea was always part of the jump to the Virtual reality of the gala company.

Make crossplay our VR titles has been one of our goals from the beginning and we are happy to announce that ‘Eagle Flight’, ‘Werewolves Within’ and ‘ Star Trek: Bridge Crew’ will be playable between PSVR, Oculus Rift and HTC live platforms.

Our games have experience solid multiplayer, so allow you to play together with your friends, regardless of which device they have, will improve the social nature of our titles and sean played in the way in which we seek.

It is not more to remember that the own Oculus is increasingly approaching over your device star Xbox One. Will we see the expected cross-play between desktops?


A strategic alliance by an editor for all three major proposals of Virtual reality. There’s no denying a curious and attractive decision. We will see other projects and companies joining the idea?

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