The new God of War director talks about duration, language, and other details of the game

Many companies or even video game developers love to use Twitter as a platform for all kinds of ads or to provide details about their upcoming titles. A good example is Cory Barlog, director of ‘God of War’.

Precisely through several tweets has left fall a few data very interesting about the future ‘God of War‘ that is being developed for PlayStation 4. Among them, he spoke about the duration which will be, their mini-games or languages in which will be folded.

Going by order Barlog has not provided the exact number of hours which will take the game, but yes it has promised that it will be very long and full of action as possible you. To who liked them not the mini-games you may be happy to know that in this installment they will not be present and its director prefers to bet on a gameplay to mix all the mechanics.

Another detail that has made is that you intend for the game to be translated into as many languages as possible, including in Nordic to give more realism even adventure. What we expect is to keep the original in Spanish the previous titles dubbing, although it is still too early to know.

The launch of this new ‘God of War’ expected for 2017, but if you want to learn more, we invite you to consult the information offered by Cory Barlog at last year’s E3 2016, which was not exactly walking.

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The Edition special of BlazBlue: Central Fiction love to the fans of Noel Vermillion

To those that them entrance make is with them editions special of their games favorite them like this that have announced Aksys Games and Arc System Works of ‘BlazBlue: Central Fiction‘, especially if are fans of Noel Vermillion, one of them characters more important of the series.

The reason is that it will include several elements, including a Figure of Noel Vermillioncan be found. In addition, it also has a 100 page art book containing it on the cover and a CD with ten music from the soundtrack.

On the other hand, which is make with this new delivery during them two first weeks that is released will have the opportunity of download is free to is, a new character belonging to the series ‘ Xblaze’. The fighter can get free of charge during the mentioned period of time, but once completed will be available as downloadable content for a price that has not been provided.

The launch of BlazBlue: Central Fiction is expected to end of year in PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The Edition special of the game only has been announced of time for North America, although it normal is that end up coming here also. I wish to be so.

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Analysis of Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom, a great tribute to the fans of the series

Usually Games Omega Force, whose overwhelming majority belong to the series ‘Dynasty Warriors’, are often accused of that you tend to be too similar to each other. Part is true, because without the characters or the story of the title, the musou are therefore not cease to be a machacabotones.

But that doesn’t happen with all games developed and a good example is that we bring you today: ‘Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom‘, the video game based on the series anime and manga that has been created by the Japanese author Hajime Isayama.

In recent months we have had the opportunity to see numerous videos and images of this title that some were expecting with enthusiasm and others were not very convinced about what to do. So let us in trouble and we are going to go to see in more detail If it is worth the game.

A very true story

Attack On Titan Wings Of Freedom 01

For who never have heard of ‘Attack on the Titans’ should be two details into account first of all. The first is that you are already taking to see it and the second is that you should do so as soon as you finish reading analysis. Having said that, we have a game whose story is identical to that of the anime and manga.

The humanity has arrived to a point in which is has seen forced to lift ones walls of a size giant to protect is of the terrible threat of them Titans. These beings of great size have as devour humans and is unknown to its origin and the reason that leads them to put an end to any living person who are on their way.

Civilization is surrounded by three walls in the form of circle: Maria wall, Rose and Sina. It seemed that with this measure the Titans would not have any form of access to the interior of the city, until a more powerful and large than normal, Titan named colossal Titan, can cause a gap in the Maria wall, allowing access to the Titans to the area where they believed humans be living safe.

Attack On Titan Wings Of Freedom 05

Naturally the massacre is produces in question of hours and our protagonist, Eren Jeager, impotent to the witness such killing and not to do nothing to avoid it, decides to enter in them rows of the Group military that is charge of give hunting to them Titans. Thus, after five years of training, it and the rest of their friends get to be part of the troop of recruits No. 104.

Since that time, anyone who has seen the series anime that have been emitted by television will bring you great memories everything that happens in the game, because it does not vary at all. Omega Force has respected fully the series original, not only with them same situations and adventures that is living in it, but also with them same characters and them phrases that say.

Omega Force has respected the original series, presenting an argument identical to the season.

Is of thank the truth that have taken this decision because the game wins many whole thanks to the huge like that keep both products in this sense. Also, the campaign main not only runs the first season along numerous missions that us will keep entertaining during hours, but also has with chapters additional that until it date only is have seen in the sleeve, to the expected of that is debuts the second season.

Some simple human capable of planting face to the Titans

Personally, when I heard for the first time that it was going to develop an ‘Attack on the Titans’ game, one of the first questions that came to mind to me was, How to represent fighting them? Because if we look in them ‘ Dynasty Warriors’ see always to our character fighting against hundreds of enemies at the same time, but that to the end and within are of his same size.

Attack On Titan Wings Of Freedom 06

Obviously that not could be so in ‘ Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom’, because would be too unreal that a simple human could end up with hundreds of titans of an only hit. Luckily the similarities with the series returning to be present in this aspect also applies in the game the same mechanics and combat system.

This means to put an end to these beasts there to make a slit in the nape of the neck. Them human, aware of this unique solution possible of finish with them, designed the called team of maneuvers three-dimensional, that les allows move is by the air quickly using some strings for this and equipped with a set of swords it enough sharp for power slitting the hard skin of them Titans.

Said so not seems excessively complicated, but the truth is that will take your time get you to plundering the trick to the mechanical of the game. Mostly because it is not easy to damage enemies and not always are may attack them in the nape of the neck. Sometimes be cut off arms or legs to pull them down so that it is thus easier to attack them from behind, although depending on the type of titanium ones will endure more hits than others.

Attack On Titan Wings Of Freedom 07

It must be said that the variety of designs between the different Titans is large enough to realize if there are two equal or not. In addition, do not appear too many on-screen at the same time and that will allow us to kill them while others annoy us, but this is not always true. At times will meet us a very annoying group of four, five or more and then it will be tremendously difficult to hit someone or even get out alive.

Anyway these situations will not be very frequent and the things as they are, the game is not especially complicated (at least in its medium difficulty) and as soon as you learn how to handle yourself well by air becomes breeze annihilate the Titans. However, most of the adventure we spend doing that over and over again, because the missions not vary too much from one another and have the feeling of playing them constantly. Especially since many take place in the same scenario.

Not help the fact that secondary missions that offer us in each screen does not contribute anything in particular, just the fact that a character you requested help and if save you will accompany you during the mission. The good thing in this respect is that we are never alone and always have on our side to a maximum of four allies that we can go exchanging in the middle of the screen to help us in the fight.

Attack On Titan Wings Of Freedom 02

We will also find levels where we won’t have to use only our characters with the maneuvers team, but that would be too get into spoilers and is better that you discover it.

The depth of the game is a little short

A detail that characterizes the ‘Dynasty Warriors’ or other similar games is the quantity of weapons or customization options you have for your character, but here they are conspicuous by their absence. From the beginning already warn us that we can achieve to improve the air ducts of three-dimensional maneuvering equipment, the speed at which moves or the number of swords that can contain.

The number of different pieces of equipment that exist are not numerous at all and most of the time we spend it improving with objects one having already equipped. And in any case is not finished to be really necessary, since at each level there will be characters who will give us objects to change the air ducts or swords, since they wear so much fight and will be almost impossible to run out of material to survive.

Attack On Titan Wings Of Freedom 04

On the other hand, the characters will be gaining experience according to it rather than have played each screen. These points will serve them to obtain new skills and get materials for the manufacture of objects or equipment upgrades, but we go back to the […]

The number of concurrent players of not Man completo Sky on Steam is reduced by 90% since its premiere

Passed the boom since its premiere, ‘ No Man completo Sky’ figures begin to stabilize. In fact, in life Extra already saw how physical sales of the game had slowed in the lists of the United Kingdom in a remarkable way. Now touch review the volume of user activity, and, at the moment, on the platform of Valve has been a very charged change.

By contrast platforms Steam Spy records and SteamDB, made clear a reduction of 90% in the number of concurrent players of the game on Steam. This means that in the 212.604 reached last August 12, at the time of writing these lines we find 20.831 active users.

NmsvextraGraphics ‘ No Man completo Sky’ of Steam Spy concurrent players

However, before wrong conclusions should take into account a number of parameters. On the one hand, these statistics reflect only the volume of concurrent players on PC, leaving aside the data in PlayStation 4, where also has enjoyed extraordinary sales.

No Mans Sky 3124944

To this we must add that the descent of concurrent users is something very common after a game. Can put as example games as ‘ Dark Souls 3’ (of 129.266 players during its launch to 71.168 two weeks later), ‘ The Division’ (getting 113.839 users the 12 of March and down to 73.185 14 days after) or the exclusive for PC ‘ Total War: Warhammer’ (of 113,016 players in its premiere to 50,564 arrived to the 7 of June).

It must be recognized that ‘No man’s Sky’ got to get more players than previous games and that his space travel has failed to retain as many users as these Triple A previously cited, but it is imposed on sales. However, the first month the commercial life of a game becomes a career strength and not speed. Will you help the Mods to stabilize the number of players on PC?

As always, the volume of sales or the presentation graphic of each title not is directly proportional to its quality as game, and precisely it proposed of ‘ not Man’s Sky’ is focused especially in it experience individual of each Explorer and its travel to the footballer Center of the universe. Although a decline of 90% in PC no longer a figure as so Hello Games have it very much in mind with regard to futures added and updates.

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So it looks in a gameplay a remake of GoldenEye that prepared Rare for Xbox 360

For many James Bond games that have been published there is no doubt that that has most marked in the history of video games has been ‘GoldenEye‘. The title originally released for Nintendo 64 years later received a remake for the last generation at the hands of Activision, but it was not the only one that is developed.

Thanks to the guys at Rare Thief us have been able to find that Rare, the company responsible for giving life to this title on the Nintendo console, I had been working before in a remake that was going to be released on Xbox 360, but the project was finally cancelled.

To demonstrate what they had created has come to light a gameplay of half an hour to watch carefully how it would be. Clearly the graphics look considerably better, with the option of passing the original graphics to new anytime by pressing a button and see how it has improved.

The gameplay also was to be identical, keeping its mode multiplayer, with a speed of 60 fps and with the same themes musical. Do you would have liked that this remake ‘GoldenEye’ had gone on sale instead of ‘GoldenEye 007 Reloaded‘?

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Resident Evil 4 para PS4 y Xbox One se deja ver en dos nuevos vídeos

On 30 August we have a new appointment with ‘ Resident Evil 4’ with the launch of the HD version of the game both PS4 and Xbox One. If you it lost in its day, perhaps is good time to enter you in their particular vision of the Spain rural.

Still enter me chills to hear phrases like “behind you, imbesil” or “grab it!”. “!!” Appear again in the trailer set in the town of the beginning of the game that has published Capcom:

Also there is another video of this version HD for consoles in which appear Ashley and Leon:

It should be recalled that this ‘ Resident Evil 4’ for PS4 and Xbox One includes new features such as a level featuring Ada Wong and the mercenaries mode will unlock at the end of the campaign.

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Get ready for the Battlefield Beta 1 with this hour of gameplay to 1080 p 60 fps [GC 2016]

No fair or Convention in the video game industry is full If not take advantage to announce a beta very interesting, and definitely ‘ Battlefield 1’ not only complies with rule but would also serve to put front the game most lauded by the public at the Gamescom Awards.

And so we go entering matter and seize to maximize every minute of the open beta to be held at the end of this month, from the YouTube channel of LevelCapGaming has been offered an hour of intense battles set in the desert of Sinai map.

The quality of the video is quite grateful, being able to configure it to 1080 p and 60 fps. However, what matters is more content than the format. During that time we will see aerial battles in which we can emulate the footballer Red Baron, will control local army tanks and will see how lead is distributed as if there were a tomorrow.

Bf1 01 Aufmacher

It should not be forgotten that despite the paragraph shown technician, ‘ Battlefield 1’ is still in a pre-alpha stage, which is very expected that the final results are better and more exploit the possibilities of the Frostbite engine. Of time touches to wait for the beta, and from the beginning October 21 , we will see the final version on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

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Pokemon Sun and moon can be seen in a gameplay and reveals himself to Crabrawler [GC 2016]

Nintendo revealed yesterday in the Gamescom 2016 a new Pokemon that will be shown in the editions ‘Pokemon Sun and moon‘. In addition to this has shown a new gameplay that is dedicated to one of the most important new features that will be added in the German fair: Battle Royalemode.

It is enfentaran at the same time four players among them, and can attack each Pokémon that preferred the other three remaining. So until one of the coaches lose all Pokémon that have on your computer.

In case outside little, few minutes ago has given start the Pokémon World Championships, where he will face the best coaches in the world. Junichi Masuda has come on the scene to present Crabrawler, a crab type fight that seems it tooth some very hard shots at opponents.

In addition, in the trailer in which it has been seen to this Pokémon, has been confirmed of step the presence of three other than we already knew thanks to the Japanese magazine CoroCoro. Type ghost sand castles / land will be known in the West as Sandygast and Palossand, while the Bewear incidentally will be Stufful.

‘Pokémon Sol y Luna’ editions will be available starting November 23. Many Pokemon will be even by leaving to the light?

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The power of magnetism on the new Zelda gameplay: Breath of the Wild

Definitely Nintendo you like this show us little by little news and most relevant characteristics of ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘ in the form of videos of a duration that is not very high, as it has happened in this new has been published.

That we bring you today focuses on two very important details. The first is the Sanctuary of Oman Au, which will visit Link to unlock the Rune of magnetic. This place will be just one of a set that will have to visit to make a great hero of our protagonist.

Other detail is precisely the power that gives you this Rune, and which can be seen in the gameplay. Thanks to a kind of magnet to be invoked, Link will be able to move metal plates to other parts to open roads, create bridges or even attract objects to where is it located which could not be reached otherwise.

And, while not perhaps as important as the gameplay, thanks at least in this new video that hear background music, which at least adds some more depth. Perhaps, because the rhythm that has led Nintendo these days, perhaps this end up seeing some other new video of ‘ The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ within very little.

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